JimmyRig - What's next.

A lot of people have been wandering what happened to JimmyRig. Is it dead ? Has it been abandoned ? What's going on, why can't I order it anymore ?

Well, I can tell you is that JimmyRig has seen more development in the past years than a lot of other applications on the market.  However, that is not always visible from a user perspective.  A lot of the technology and approaches have changed in the past years and we have done our best to not only adapt to these changes, but to ensure a path for faster adaptation and development work for the future.  Yes, it took a while, but it was absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, we hope that JimmyRig Lite, albeit having a few bugs, has helped you along with projects as much as it has for many of our customers.  The overall feedback we have received for the product has been fantastic.

Effective immediately, we have halted the sale of JimmyRig Lite, as we are actively seeking Alpha testers for the next generation.  

We are trying to cover a wide range of industries, applications and use-cases along with users of a variety of experience levels. We'd like people to send us a short description of why they think they'd be a good candidate for becoming an alpha tester, what kind of work they would hope to use it for.

Have you never rigged a character in your life, but are a designer that would love add animations to their presentations ?
Are you an architect that has always been dreaming about adding animations to their work ?
Do you have an exciting use-case scenario, but traditional methods fall short of helping you to achieve your goal ?

We'd love to hear from you, because we want to make things easier for you.  We want to help you improve your work and add elements you didn't think that were possible.

And that's not all, but you will see.

To apply send an email to jimmyrig@origamidigital.com with "ALPHA TESTER APPLICATION" in the subject line and write us your name and why you think you'd be a great candidate.