Microsoft Kinect support

Microsoft officially released Kinect for Windows 7 and with that we now support the Kinect as a motion capture device within Jimmy|RIG.  The capture is mapped in realtime onto the loaded character and can be used and blended as clips within Jimmy|RIG just as if it was pre-recorded bvh data.

3D application compatibility via FBX


Jimmy|RIG Pro features exporting via FBX to the most common 3D applications on the market, transfering textures, UV's and joint/bone animation:

  • Newtek's Lightwave
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk 3DsMax
  • Autodesk XSI
  • Autodesk Motionbuilder
  • Cinema 4D

Jimmy|RIG Pro currently in Beta

Jimmy|RIG Pro is currently in BETA and all registerred users of Jimmy|RIG Lite automatically have access to the beta.  Once the BETA expires users have the option to upgrade to Jimmy|RIG Pro.

Jimmy|RIG Initial Release

We are pleased to announce that Jimmy|RIG Lite is available for purchase.  Before purchasing, please make sure you have read through and fully understood the featureset and requirements of the application

New Forum Online

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New video tutorials online

Feel free to visit our Tutorials page and get a first impression of Jimmy|RIG.

When will Jimmy|RIG be available?

Jimmy|RIG Lite is currently shipping and Jimmy|RIG Pro will is currently in Beta.